***2 Blue Eyed males for sale!!! They are beautiful. Pet price with neuter $600 Price with breeding rights is $850 *** 2 blue eyed females for sale!! Priced at $900. If you want a pet I can have her spayed for no additional cost to you. ** 1 male piggy he s adorable and all pink. $350 and includes neuter! ** 1 female spotted and tiny. Pet $500 and Includes her spay. *Facebook farm page is "Blue...
Selling registered adult proven female Juliana Mini pigs. They are all proven breeders and all had a litter this year. Blue Belle Doolie DOB 7/31/16, 13 height and had a litter of 4 this year. Blue Belle Zoomie DOB 7/31/16, 12.5 height and had 2 blue eyed boys this year. Zoomie injuried her front right leg when she was younger and has a slight limp. Blue Belle Vandy DOB 5/10/15, 13 height, had ...
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